Car accidents

Автомобильные аварии – это реальность, которая окружает нас ежедневно. Лексика, представлена в этой статье, поможет Вам описать происшествие и обсудить его.

Kinds of car accidents

  • car crash  – when a car hits an object with a violent impact (авария).
  • head-on collision – when two vehicles crash into each other while traveling in opposite directions (лобовое столкновение).
  • fender-bender – a small accident with very minor damage to the cars involved ­(мелкое ДТП).
  • pile-up – multiple cars hit each other. Pile-ups often occur when the weather and road conditions are bad (столкновение (нескольки машин)).
  • sideswiped – hit the side of the car while passing it (ударить в бок).
  • rear-ended – hit the back of the car (врезаться в зад).
roll over
roll over
  • plowed into (synonym – crashed into) – crash into someone or something with force. Especially because you are moving or driving too quickly or in a careless or uncontrolled way (врезаться в).
  • roll over – to turn upside down (перевернулась (на крышу)).
  • run over – when a car passes over an object, animal, or person (сбить).
  • slam on the brakes – try to stop the car very suddenly, often in an emergency (нажать на тормоза).

Dangerous car driving

  • speeding – driving faster than the speed limit (превышение скорости).
  • drunk driving – driving under the influence of alcohol (вождение в не трезвом состоянии).
  • breathalyser test – a test for the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood (тест на алкоголь).
  • reckless driving – the word reckless means “not careful”. So “reckless driving” means driving dangerously, not carefully. For example, people who change lanes without using the turn signal, or who drive impatiently and without careful observation or consideration (опасное вождение).
  • tailgating – this is when one car drives extremely close behind another car. It’s dangerous because if the first car stops suddenly, the second car will not have time to stop (следование в хвосте. Ехать очень близко к другой машине).
  • lost control – to be unable to control something (потерять контроль).
  • road rage – when a driver gets angry at another driver, and begins driving aggressively (агрессивное поведение на дороге).
  • distractions – when the driver is paying attention to other things. For example, their cell phone – and not watching the road (отвлекающие факторы).
  • hit and run – a car hits a person, but instead of stopping, the driver goes away ­(бегство с места происшествия).

Weather conditions

poor visibility
poor visibility
  • slick/ slippery – difficult to hold firmly or stand on because it is smooth, wet, or slimy (скользко/ гололёд).
  • poor visibility – (difficulty seeing) due to fog or darkness (плохая видимость).
  • skid – to slide without control on a slippery surface like ice (буксовать).

Person can be…

  • damaged (поврежден)
  • injured (ранен)
  • killed (убит)
  • fatality (смертельный случай)
  • whiplash (травма позвоночника)
  • thrown from the vehicle – this means they flew out of the vehicle and landed some distance away (выброшенный из автомобиля).
  • shaken but unhurt – emotionally agitated (shaken), but they had no injuries (unhurt) (потрясен, но невредим).

Car helpers on the road

  • towed – transported by another vehicle, which is called a tow truck ­(буксир).
  • tow truck – a truck used to move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles (эвакуатор / тягач).
  • totaled – the car is damaged so badly it can’t be repaired­ (не подлежит ремонту).
  • guardrail ­– a strong metal bar along the side of a road that prevents  vehicles from driving off the road (отбойник).

Конечно же, пусть тема аварий никогда не возникает в нашей жизни, но слова, на всякий случай выучить стоит!

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