Традиции празднования Easter(Пасхи)

Easter(Пасха) is one of the most expected (ожидаемых) and fascinating (потрясающих) religious holidays for Christians (кристиан) . Easter is the day when Jesus Christ (Иисус Христос) resurrected (воскрес). Usually this holiday is celebrated on one of Sundays in spring. Easter is preceded (предшествует) by seven weeks of Lent(пост).

People prepare for the celebration during the last week, which is Holy Week (Страстная неделя). С Palm Sunday (Вербное воскресенье) начинается Holy week (Страстная неделя).They usually clean their houses, buy products and plan their travelling to relatives. Easter is traditionally celebrated in a family-circle (семейном кругу). Of course, the customs (обычаи) related with (касающееся) this day are different in every country and region. But Easter cakes (Кулич/ Паска) and Easter eggs (писанки) are the traditional food.

Easter preparation

On Thursday before Easter there is a tradition to wash your body, because it’s a “MaundyHoly Thursday” (Чистый четверг). Women bake (пекут) Easter cakes on Friday, this day was called Holy Friday (Страстная пятница). It’s really an impor­tant day for many Christians, because Jesus Christ was crucified (распятый) on this day. On Saturday families dye (красят) the eggs. Traditionally they must be painted in red (naturally, people use onion peels (шелуха луковицы) for it). But this tradition has changed a bit. Nowadays, Easter eggs are painted in different colours and patterns (узоры).

Easter celebration

On Saturday evening people gather (собираются) in the church for the vigil(службу). In the very morning priests (священники) bless (освячевают) the food. Easter buckets (корзинки) consist of (состоят из) Easter eggs, Easter cakes, baked (запеченое)/smoked (копченое) meat, sausages, butter (масло), salt, etc. After the vigil people go home for breakfast. The first food they eat is the blessed (освященная) food. As a rule it’s a blessed Easter egg.  Easter Sunday is a day of singing and eating. Many people visit their friends and relatives and exchange (обмениваются) Easter eggs. Usually godparents (крестные) prepare presents for their godchildren (крестники).  

Traditional Easter greetings are “Christ is risen!(Христос воскрес) and reply “Indeed He is Risen!” (Воистину Воскрес!)

Как мы знаем, празднование Easter(Пасхи) в каждой семье особенное и разное! Делитесь в комментариях своими традициями! Не забудьте использовать новые выражения с текста!

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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