“OBESITY”, а что Вы знаете об этом?

После праздников мы все замечаем лишние килограммы и зачастую начинаем с ними бороться. В противном же случае, это может привести к obesity (ожирению)

Хочу сегодня поделиться с Вами подборкой слов по теме “OBESITY”.  Это очень актуальная тема для подготовки к toefl, ielts, zno и другим тестированиям. 

Сохраняйте, запоминайте и пользуйтесь с удовольствием!

🔻 Obesity (n) / obese (adj) (C1)

A medical condition when excess body fat has accumulated. It can have a negative impact on a person’s health by contributing to health problems. 

🔻 health-conscious — to be concerned about how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your health. Also take an active interest in maintaining good health (тот, кто заботится о здоровью)

🔻 risk factor — something that increases your chances of developing a disease or being injured (склонность к болезни)

🔻 health awareness campaigns — publicity to encourage people to be concerned about looking after their health (кампания по мед просвещению)

🔻 overweight (n) / overweight (adj) — weighing more than is considered normal. Or more than is optimally healthy (лишний вес)

🔻 persistent — someone who continues doing something firmly or obstinately but often unreasonable way (настойчивый)

🔻 Balanced diet

A combination of healthy types and amounts of food (сбалансированная диета)

🔻 carbohydrate — a substance in foods such as bread and potatoes that is a major source of energy or calories (углеводы)

🔻 fibre [UK] / fiber [US] (C1) — a substance in foods such as fruit, vegetables, and brown bread, which travels through the body as waste and helps the contents of the bowels to pass through the body easily (клетчатка)

🔻 junk food — unhealthy food, esp. fatty fast foods and processed snack foods (фастфуд)

🔻 nutrition (C1) — the substances that you take into your body as food. And the way that they influence your health (пища)

🔻 cholesterol (C1) — a substance in body cells that can cause heart disease. But only if levels are too high (холестерин)

🔻 consume (C1) — to eat or drink something (употреблять)

🔻 overeating — eating more than your body needs (переедание)

🔻skimmed milk — milk from which the cream has been removed  (обезжиренное молоко)

🔻 sugar-free — foods do not contain any sugar and are usually artificially sweetened (без сахара)

🔻 Dietitian

A person who scientifically studies and gives advice about food and eating (диетолог)

🔻 dietary requirement — the correct types and amounts of food to maintain health. It may vary from person to person depending on age and lifestyle (диетические предпочтения)

🔻additive — a substance that is added to food in order to improve its taste or appearance or to preserve it (добавка, примесь)

🔻 eating disorder — a mental illness in which people eat far too little or far too much. And they are unhappy with their bodies (пищевое расстройство) 

🔻 chronic (C2) — (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring (хроническое заболевание)

🔻 intake (n) — the amount of a substance that is eaten or drunk during a particular time (прием, потребление)

🔻 stay/ keep in shape — to take action to maintain good health (держать себя в форме)

🔻 Get back into shape

Take action to improve your physical condition (вернуться в форму)

🔻 to be prone to obesity (C2) — to be likely to become fat. It’s usually in an unhealthy way (быть склонным к ожирению)

🔻 to come down with something (phrasal verb) — to become ill, to catch a virus (слечь с болезнью)

🔻 prevent — to stop something from happening (предотвращать) 

🔻 put on weight — to get fat (набирать вес)

🔻 slim down  — to lose weight (сбрасывать вес)

🔻 work out — to exercise in order to improve physical fitness and increase strength (тренироваться)

🔻 vigorous exercise — intense exercise. It causes sweating, heavy breathing, and increased heart rate (силовое упражнение)

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