Cooking vocabulary

Cooking – одна из самых популярных тем по всему миру, особенно для женщин. Мы часто делимся вкусными рецептами, секретами приготовления и описываем процесс в мельчайших деталях. Даже если в ежедневной жизни готовка – это последняя тема для вашего обсуждения, не забывайте о путешествиях! Пробуя особенности кухни каждой страны, всем интересен процесс приготовления и часто иностранцы интересуются нашими фирменными вкусностями. И чтобы не как можно подробнее описать все секреты и нюансы приготовления – наша подборка именно для Вас!



foll: metal paper used in cooking (фольга)

a grater: a kitchen tool which has a rough, surface (used for cutting food into very small pieces) (тёртка)

kettle: a covered container used for boiling water (чайник)

pan: a round, metal container used for cooking things in ­(сковорода)


rinse: to quickly wash sth, generally using running water (промывать).

pot: deep round container used for cooking soups, stews, etc (кастрюля).

colander: a tool used for separating solids from liquids (дуршлаг).


defrost: to allow or cause sth to become unfrozen (размораживать).


grind: to crush pepper corns or coffee beans into powder or very small pieces ­(молоть, перемолоть).

grate: to rub sth (especially cheese and carrots) into small, long, thin pieces, using a grater ­(натереть).

knead: to press and stretch dough (the mixture of flour, water, etc used to make bread) (замешивать).

ice: to frost/ to put icing (a coating of soft sugar) on the outside of a cake (заморозить / полить сахарной глазурью).


thicken: to make a sauce thicker to toss a salad: to mix a salad (сгустить).


marinade: to leave food (before it is cooked) in a specially prepared (мариновать).

liquid (often a mixture of oil and spices) sa as to make it more tender or to give it a special taste (мариновать).

pluck: to pull out the feathers from a Chicken, turkey, etc so as to prepare it for cooking (ощипывать).

soak: to leave food (especially beans) in water so that it becomes soft or so that it absorbs the water (замачивать).

peel: to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables (чистить кожуру).

shell: to remove the hard outside covering of nuts, some seeds and some sea creatures (crabs, prawns, etc) (чистить кожуру).


scrub: to wash sth vigorously, sometimes by using a special brush (драить).

While cooking:

beat eggs

beat eggs: to mix the white and the yolk together in a bowl with a fork (сбивать яйца).

whip: to stir cream very quickly so that it becomes stiff ­(взбивать).

poach eggs: to cook eggs (without their shells) in a special pan in which the eggs are cooked above boiling water ­(яйца пашот).

carve: to cut a piece of meat, usually into slices (нарезать).

chop: to cut sth (usually vegetables) into small pieces (нарезать маленькими кусочками).


season: to add salt, pepper or spices to food, especially when it is being cooked (добавлять специи).


dress: to put a mixture of oil, vinegar, salt, etc (salad dressing) on a salad (заправлять (салат)).

sprinkle: to drop small pieces of salt, cheese, sugar, etc on sth, using a spoon or your fingers (побрызгать).

baste: to pour oil or liquid fat over meat while it is cooking (поливать).

stuff: to fill the inside of sth (often a chicken or turkey) with a bread or rice mixture, etc (фаршировать).


sizzle: describes the noise sth makes when it is being fried (шкварчать).

rustle up: to quickly cook sth (often when you were not expecting to cook) (приготовить на быстую руку).

roast: to cook meat or vegetables in the oven (запекать).

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