The academic word list (3)


There is no [evidence] …. of human habitation here before 750 BC.

The new [method] of protecting paintings from bacteria is relatively cheap.

The grade students receive is based on continuous [assessment] and the final test.
Bampton has recently won a [contract] to provide training for Human Resources staff.

I support the [principle] that health care should be free for all members of society.
It is wrong to [assume] that young criminals all come from bad backgrounds.
Once the [data] was entered into the computer, a pattern began to emerge.
‘The company I worked for used to [export] cars to Australasia.

It is debatable whether the rights of the [individual] outweigh the rights of the society he or she lives in.

Biofuels were already a [source] of energy in the early 20″ century.
Earthquakes which occur on the sea bed often [create] tsunamis.

Cheap goods are only made available to consumers when [labor] is also cheap.

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