The academic word list (2)

Ielts. Toefl

There are some general recommendations in your essay but you must be more [specific].

Two [similar] types of insects live in the same ecosystem, alike in appearance and feeding habits.

“Part of my research [involved] travelling to Latin America’?

In the early 19″ century there were several [major] earthquakes in the region.

The first British colonies in the US were [established] in the 17″ century.

The first step after a natural disaster is to ensure water is [available].

Many medicines are [derived] from plants and trees.

The end of 2008 was a time of serious [economic] disaster, with many banks and companies going bankrupt.

Although the company claimed to be concerned about the environment, its actions were not [consistent] with its words.

‘If you want to gain promotion in my industry, you are [required] to speak at least one other language well’

Whether it is [legal] to download certain Internet content remains a grey area.

It was [significant] that the increase in disease amongst the local community began soon after the opening of the chemical factory.

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