The academic word list (1)

  • ‘In my experience, applying to university is actually an extremely complicated [process]
  • One [theory] that possibly explains the disappearance of dinosaurs is that a meteorite hit the earth millions of years ago.
  • After the interviews with staff were completed, the company realized it would have to change its [policy] regarding maternity leave.
  • “The export [sector] in my country is beginning to really grow, so the future is looking bright?
  • ‘I would say that most jobseekers are looking for a significant increase in [income]
  • According to intensive [research] involving thousands of future tertiary students, many expect to be in debt after they graduate.
  • ‘At the beginning of your presentation, make sure you provide a clear [definition] of what you mean by ‘green policy’.
  • There was a very negative [response] from customers when the company rebranded its existing products.
  • Scientists have given a rough [estimate] of 50 years before the oil reserves run out.
  • One [benefit] that tourism brought to my region was greater employment opportunities.
  • The government introduced new [legislation] to help control the lending of money by banks.
  • ‘In my culture, the teacher is seen as someone with [authority], and deserving respect?